Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what are the odds?

On the Monday last week after Berlin, on my way home from work I am standing in the escalator. In front of me is a girl with a really nice pair of boots. I felt it was a type of boots I have been looking for. I never asked her about the shoes though.

When coming home I checked my usual blogs for updates and to my surprise. Elin Kling had just been in Copenhagen that weekend and bought the same pair of shoes! So now I know where to find them. The funny thing though, is that she also bought a sweater from Cos where I also was in Berlin and found a grey sweater. Do not know if it is the same but still. Weird.

Today I checked the boots in the store. A bit pricier than I wanted. On the other hand I cannot really get them out of my mind. So I might end up buying them...

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