Friday, May 1, 2009

from paris to berlin

Well, not really. I am skipping the Paris bit. But from Copenhagen to Berlin at least. Tomorrow at 2 pm I am heading to the airport. And I must confess, it was a quite good Valborg as well. Even though I did not plan anything I kind of happened to end up at a bar after the Indian dinner. We were invited to my co-workers place for an Indian dinner. Then me and my other co-worker went out with my Indian co-workers flatmate. Yeah, perhaps a little bit confusing. But it was a lot of fun. We ended up at a Belgian bar drinking beers and having fun. But at least I was sober enough to leave quite early and be home before 2 am. I still have not packed so I have to do that tomorrow.

So tomorrow I am heading for Berlin for the weekend! Yeeaahaa! Meeting up with long lost pal M from Canada that has been traveling India and is now on her way home. And I will also be meeting up M who lives in Berlin and hopefully also S that I met in Singapore. This weekend can turn out to be quite a reunion. Well at least for me. Me likey.

Now some sleep!

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