Tuesday, October 13, 2009

7h of sleep in 48h

I am here! Right now I am actually sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. The guys have a class and I joined since I do not have anything else to do and way to tired to walk around. So I am sitting here with Anders computer having fun while listening to a half bad student presentation.

So what about the trip? It actually went much faster than I thought. The 12h flight from London to Hong Kong was not that bad. I watched a couple of movies and managed to sleep 3h which is good since I have trouble sleeping on flights. I arrived in Taipei at 11 a.m. after a 24h trip. Sounds crazy that it took 24h but I definitely thought it was going to be much worse than it was.

Arriving in Taipei I had basically set my mind to that my luggage had been lost on the way. It is a risk when taking three different flights and also coming in to terminal 5 at Heathrow which has the highest rate of lost luggage. So I was happy to see my bag appearing at the baggage claim. After that I was heading to find the bus to take me to Taipei mainstation and then take the subway a couple of stops to my friends. To my surprise when heading to the busses, Anders appears! He has come to pick me up and I did not know at all. Thank god he did not show up about 10 min later because then I would surely be on the bus already. I had taken their Taiwanese phone numbers but forgotten to give my Swedish cellphone number. But it all turned out well.

So that is it and all went well. I have only gotten about seven hours of sleep in two days, 3h at home before leaving and 4 hours on the whole trip. Right now I am just trying not to feel anything of how tired I am which is working surprisingly well. I want to get into the right rythm right away so there is no idea to sleep anything until tonight.

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