Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fifteen hours

Yesterday I arrived in Taipei 11 a.m and I had set my mind to not take a nap until I go for sleep at night. That is just the best and easiest way in my mind to get into the right rhythm right away. So I was basically on my third day with only 7h of sleep in the previous two days. It was very difficult at some points to stay awake, especially at the end of my friends' class that I joined. At the end I had to go out and just stand up to avoid falling asleep. But I succeeded quite well after that and we went to bed as late as at midnight I think.

A had to go to school in the morning but I had decided to sleep as long as I needed to feel rested. You will not believe how long I slept! I woke up a few times but still felt quite tired in my body so decided to fall asleep again if I could. At 3 p.m.(!) I decided it was time to get out of bed and get ready. I slept for 15(!!) hours! I have never in my life slept that long. I take it that my body was quite tired after that journey and not much sleep.

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