Sunday, October 4, 2009

dinner and two desserts

Sis and me went shopping today. I am unemployed and should not be spending money. But I did. I found a really cool pair of boots. Green ones. Green is my favorite color and have been looking for green shoes since long. They are actually cool and were not that expensive either. Need to stop this spending now. Although, I am going to Taiwan next week so perhaps not during those weeks.

After the shopping trip we stopped by mom's work and got some dinner. It is great since you can get delicious food. So we ended up trying the zucchini and carrot patties with grilled beetroot (definitely have to try making those patties at home). Of course we switched the original potatoes to french fries with dip to it. Fancy food with french fries. Can it get any better?

Then sis and me shared two desserts. Two. A pannacotta with berries and a crème brûlée. My little stomach was totally full after that. Then we rolled home.

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