Tuesday, October 20, 2009

two days of taipei and danshui

Finally I decided to be a bit touristy and see some of the Taipei spots on Monday. Tuesday I headed out to the coast and saw the town Danshui. Not sure if it is actually a town on its own or a suburb of Taipei. Anyway, it is easy to get there since you can take the metro.

At the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial.

A dog at our breakfast place, so cute.

Today's breakfast, very healthy.

Took a trip to Denshui, the end station at one metro line, at the coast. The others have class so I took a day touristing by myself. 

A break at Starbucks with my favorite tea and a piece of New York cheesecake! Yummy!

A street in Danshui.

I spent quite a lot of money in Danshui. Well, at least amount of Taiwanese dollars wise, but in the end it is not much in Swedish crowns. Perhaps I spent NT2000 which is only about SEK400, so that is still quite fine at least when looking at all the things I got. Being a jewelry junkie I bought some fun stuff in all the fun stores there.