Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sunshine in taipei

Today Xindian, Taipei, was on the schedule and we actually had some sunshine instead of haze. Which is the other end of the red metro line that I took to Denshui last week. A bit of walking in the mountain next to river and the city. Beautiful scenery and many great photos, that I do not really have the energy to post right now but I can offer you one for now.

Beautiful view of Xindian from the mountain.

After a whole day of walking I met up with M to go to the Shilin night market for a couple more hours of walking.

I am doing too much shopping for my own good. Perhaps I should make a pre-packing of my backpack, but I am sure it will be fine. Have bought plenty of accessories that does not take up that much space or weight.

After a whole day of walking it was perfect with a bit of massage. First I got to sit with my feet in a foot bath while getting a neck and shoulder massage. Then she gave my legs and feet a massage, so nice after that much walking. A massage of 45 minutes for only 120SEK (12 euros). I love cheap.

Great foot massage.

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