Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today M and me went for a trip to Wulai a town south of Taipei. It was really nice and or course more beautiful scenery. Every time you go outside of the city you get amazed over and over again by the nature and mountains that the island is basically made of.

Had "a few" mosquito bites after my day in Xindian. I am sure there is 50 bites on each leg!

Wulai waterfall is 80 m high.

Statues outplaced in the city, resembling the original Taiwanese people, aborigines.

And there we have me in front of the waterfall.

Did they use Google Translate? Don't they have any people that know Chinese AND English to translate the public signs. 

We took the cable car up to a resort in the mountains.

Really cute resort which was quite big and had all different kinds of things. A pond with a huge amount of fishes!

 M and I as Taiwanese aborigines.

Gorgeous view.

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