Monday, October 19, 2009

eventful weekend and not much sleep

Perhaps a little short recap of the weekend.
Friday: A nice Korean barbeque with A & A. Then we went to a place called Barcode which was kind of fancy but still a bit casual. We actually got a table so we could sit down and started drinking drinks that we got with the table. In the end it happened that we only had to pay for the drinks and not the table, perhaps they did some mistake, so that was cool.

Saturday: Met up with former JIBS classmate Jenny that lives down south in Taiwan and spent some hours with her. Went to dinner at night for another barbeque but was not so good and they were really cheap since we could not get refills of side dishes, tea, or even rice! Then we met up the other girls at the German Oktoberfest for some white beer and drunken Germans. I stuck with Jenny and her friend Katarina and tagged along to some clubbing. First a place called Pasoul with free bar, then to Room 18 for some better music and nicer atmosphere.

Sunday: After coming home and being in bed at 5 a.m I woke up at 9 a.m. to meet up with Anders for a trip around town. We were meeting up to former exchange friends from Helsinki and it was really nice to meet them again. They took us to the Museum of Contemporary Art and then to the National Palace Museum which was really nice. The latter museum had some really amazing and impressive pieces of art and history and some even from B.C. It is amazing that pieces still exists today after so many years. We finished of with a greasy dinner at Burger King which was just what I wanted after a very tiring day waking up so early. Then we bought some chips, even a chocolate cake, opened a bag of liquorice candies I brought, invited M and A, and rented a movie. Dead tired I feel asleep later and slept for 12(!) hours.

Not the shortest recap it turned out but there you have it. Pictures may appear later.

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