Monday, October 25, 2010

simmer and shimmer

Had the most beautiful and bling nails this weekend. I got my package I ordered from Ebay a while back, it only took six working days for the nail polishes to arrive from the USA. Nice and fast. This is a nail polish from OPI's fall collection Burlesque, I want more polishes from that one because they look beautiful.

Here I am wearing OPI's Simmer & Shimmer a great glitter nail polish. You cannot really tell by these photos but it sparkles and glitters really nice when the light hits the nails. Beautiful! And I think my camera is not the best at taking up close photos as the color should be more blue and turquoise. (A little bit more like this at Scrangie's.)

OPI's Simmer & Shimmer

I have plenty of new nail polishes to try out, I want to switch color everyday since I have so many to try out.

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