Sunday, October 24, 2010

mamma mia what a mishap

Today I got to tag along dad together with my aunt and her husband to the musical Mamma Mia! Mom was supposed to go as she had to go to Finland this weekend I took her place for the evening. But quite a mishap took place as we entered the Globe Arena and realized that my aunt did not have our tickets! We realized then and there that we had actually forgotten them at home. As the tickets were a gift given some months ago we somehow thought they still had them.

Standing there we do not really know what to do. There is no way we can make it back home to get the tickets as the show would be over once we are back. We are about to ask someone for help when we realize we could easily slip in without anyone noticing. There are controllers checking the tickets but a passage by the wall is empty. My aunt's husband is standing there talking to us and when the closest ticket controller is not faced in our direction we casually walk in.

Easy as that. Thank god. Since we did have the tickets of course no one else would come and take our seats. We just waited until most of the people had entered the arena and then we could walk in and find our four empty seats on row fourteen (since we did not know our seat numbers).

So luckily the evening turned out great. The Mamma Mia musical was the International Tour of the London cast appearing in Sweden for 8 shows. It was really good as always and it was the third time for me. I have seen it once in New York and once in Stockholm before but then the Swedish version. And of course I have seen the movie several times. Just love it all.

The evening ended with a nice dinner at the cutest and coziest Italian restaurant in Gamla stan (Old Town).

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