Sunday, October 3, 2010

italian apple cake

Sister came today for a visit and we had a really good dinner. And of course we also had some really good dessert. With apples from the tree in the garden I wanted to try out a new apple pie receipt. There was a receipt in the magazine the other day I wanted to try out, an Italian apple cake. Usually I am not fond of covered pies but since this one almost had like apple purée in it, cooked apple pieces with some squeezed orange and lemon. I love pies and cakes when there is something gooey in it.


  1. where is the recipe? i would love to try it!

  2. Hi! You should really try it :)
    The recipe is in Swedish here
    but if you cant understand it :)

    Google translated it well here. Notice though! That the sugar and flour should not be in cups, it should be 5 dl flour (not 5 cups, not at all the same) and it should be 1.6 dl sugar.