Sunday, October 10, 2010

come package, come

I have always been a bit of a nail polish addict. Already in middle school I started painting my nails and could have hands with different color on every nail. It has consistently during the years been a passion of mine, although it has gone up and down in periods as with everything else.

I started to look for some blogs sharing the my addiction for nail polish and have how found several. So now I am reading all these old blog posts and yearning for all the fabulous nail polishes. But it is ridiculous how expensive all the nail polishes are in Sweden compared to USA.

Yesterday night I could not resist and ordered a bunch of nail polishes with hopefully fantastic colors from Ebay. Now I am just waiting and waiting for the package to arrive.

Being bored in the middle of the night and sitting in front of Ebay is not a good thing for the wallet.

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