Saturday, February 13, 2010

i want to see the clouds from above

I would love to be heading somewhere. Of course job-(and life-)wise. But now I am thinking physically.

It would be so nice sitting at the airport looking up at the board or TV and see my flight number and destination right there. It does not necessarily have to be far away, of course the long distance ones are usually the most interesting, at least for me. But right this moment I could settle for anything. 

Right before Christmas I ended up on a last minute travel site. Several one or two week holidays departing in a few days time and really cheap. Some flights to several Caribbean islands, Thailand, and some flights to Cap Verde. I was just dreaming away when seeing some photos form Cap Verde. The beach. The sunshine. 

I have some money and could go. But at the same time I get cheap just because I have the money, and no income. And the fact that I spent a lot already on my three week vacation in Taiwan and Japan. Of course I could go somewhere by myself, but then you do not have anyone to share the memories with.

Anyone of you living on a beautiful island with sunshine that want to invite me?
No? No one? I guess I just have to keep on dreaming then.

Or where should I go?

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