Monday, February 22, 2010

first interview

I actually made some progress in my job hunting this week. I had my first interview. About time. My first interview since I started sending out applications. (Well, I had a chance to an interview to a job I did not want but I was in Taiwan.) I was at E's and watching Scrubs when getting a call from an unknown caller with the country code of +47. I had my suspicions and it was for the Management Trainee position in a Norwegian company.

It was a phone interview with easy questions and I might here from them within a week for some news. It seems quite interesting, I just need to get some more info about the position if I would happen to progress. You also need to be careful with trainee positions in smaller companies, so that they are not just trying to hire someone for a job for less pay. There has to be a clear plan for the trainee position.

It is funny though, I have a possibility to end up in Oslo and remembering what my friend said about me touring the Nordic capitals.

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