Monday, February 15, 2010

lazy brain

I have been postponing the practice tests that I have to do after applying to a trainee program. Today I finally did them, the induction test went very well and I know I am good at that stuff. It is a test with five pictures and then you are supposed to pick out the following sixth from five other pictures. But the second test is another matter...

I also did the numerical test, where you get questions with tables and graphs to help you. Here you need to be fast at understanding the question, reading the graphs, and the math. I know I am good at math, but it is the speed that is my problem. I need a few extra seconds to be sure that I am understanding everything correctly and doing the math right. I had one minute for every question and in the end it was not enough. At least it is good with a practice test because then I know what to expect and can try to be quicker.

So know I keep on postponing the real tests. Now I am anxious that I will not do well. I should just do them.

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