Sunday, February 21, 2010

snow, snow, everywhere snow

I did a good job as a nurse (I hope) but probably not my new calling. But I did the best I could and helped E after her eye surgery, with all kinds of eye drops according to the long schedule. First day was not fun for her at all and I tried to occupy myself  even though the internet died just that day. Of course. Instead I watched Scrubs and did some reading and made the hours go by. I made the days go by and helped E when necessary, with eye drops and food.

Friday I decided to make my way back to the country side. Looking back it was both good and bad. A storm was coming in and I made it home with barely any delays, can you believe it? The next day was worse and there was windy and snow flying everywhere closing the roads out here. Although I seemed to have missed a great party on Saturday by going back home and not being able to get out of here. Next time.

But now for sure I think the winter should stop. Like that will happen any time soon. I need to get a job and move somewhere warm.

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