Wednesday, February 10, 2010

perhaps some possibilities?

I realized now, at 11.30 pm, that I had two missed calls. From two different callers. From numbers that I do not have in my address book. Which means strangers called since I have all my friends' numbers in the phone. Of course with my situation, sending out applications for jobs that is where my thoughts go as soon as I have an unknown number calling.

Being a stalker I checked out the numbers on Eniro, of course what else do you do. But I also keep the excitement at its lowest since I have sent out plenty of applications and gotten basically zero responses. I get my hopes up just a little, when I see that one is a company called something like Interview firm (but in Swedish) and the second something like Brainpeople.

So no random strangers or normal people. Companies. But now the frustration kick in. Not the fact that I did not hear my cellphone or did not keep it on me. Why the .... could they not just call my home phone number? On all the applications I have sent out I write my home phone number first, then my cellphone number. I would even prefer them calling the home phone number since the reception is like crap out here and we probably would have to switch to the other land line anyway. There is a reason to why I write my home phone number on my applications.

But now I am just going to be a little bit happy that someone, from what seems to be either a recruitment or interviewing firm, called me for what could be an interview.

I almost forgot. I even have some good news from this morning when I checked my email. I have gotten an email for a Graduate Program at energy company and they want me to do one induction and one numerical test online. Perhaps that could also lead to an interview. I know I am good at those tests.

So a day of good news I guess. Of course the jobs I really, really want, have deadlines at the end of the week. But keeping positive here. Who knows.

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