Friday, February 12, 2010

my (tv-)life

You know, being unemployed gives you a lot of free time. Of course I am supposed to be job hunting full-time, but it never becomes full-time. And you need to take breaks now and then. Therefore, the free time has to be filled with something. One thing is TV series. The list is getting long of dramas, soaps, reality, comedies that I follow. It became tricky to keep track of them all and as the organizing freak I am, I have a list of all the shows with the day they airs, what episode I last watched, and perhaps when they will return. Yeah, that's me.

So which shows do I follow now? We have:
  • Greek - to witch I got addicted in my unhappy state of mind last spring as you might remember. Now it has calmed down a bit and sometimes I even think it is a bit silly. But I am convinced to not let it go.
  • House M.D. - I just truly love Gregory House's ironic and sarcastic humor on behalf of his colleagues and patients. Just my style.
  • How I Met Your Mother - not a big fan of it anymore it was better in the beginning. But watches it when there is nothing else.
  • Life Unexpected - Have to admit that I started watching it just because it had a connection with Gilmore Girls, one of the producers. Only a few episodes have aired so far and not sure if it will stay on my list.
  • The Hills - the follow up to the guilty pleasure series Laguna Beach. Of course I have to watch them all. To see how fabulous and dramatic their faked reality is.
  • The City - I just cannot not watch it. The Hills and The City (and former Laguna Beach) are my guilty pleasures.
  • Scrubs - probably my second favorite show of all times. It went downhill with the sixth season but as a favorite I still have to watch it. And the marathon reruns are not uncommon on my TV.
  • Cougar Town - the new show with Courtney Cox that I have come to love. Sure she looks like she have had plenty of plastic surgery, but I do not care. The creator is the man behind Scrubs so of course I like it.
  • Mercy - a show I just started watching a month ago. Seen commercials for it on TV and now I am stuck.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl - watched the first season years ago and liked it. However I think I read somewhere that it would not be renewed. To my surprise I just notices recently that it is on its third season now. I love it.
  • The Mentalist - a good show. His way to read people fascinates me.
  • Grey's Anatomy - the old favorite! A lot of changes but it hangs on.
  • Private Practice - when she left Grey's Anatomy I followed her.
  • Burn Notice - a tip I got from a friend last summer, newly unemployed and bored. I got stuck.
  • Project Runway - what's not to like?
  • True Blood - I am hooked. A different kind of vampire story, not like Twilight.
  • Californication - just love the feeling of the show and David Duchovny is perfect in the roll.
  • Entourage - Been following it from the beginning. Cannot get enough. The quotes of Ari Gold are memorable and have even gotten its own site.
  • Kendra - loved her in The Girls of the Playboy Mansion and followed her to her new show and new life as a wife and mother. A very different life.
Any other good series out there that I should be watching? I got the suggestion Modern Family which I have only watched one episode of but it is hilarious. Might take that up.

As you see by this long list, I have plenty of free time during the week. I even have so much free time that I have the time and energy to write this long post about the shows I watch...
(You can see most of the shows here.)

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