Friday, March 19, 2010

books, books, books

Woops. Another week has passed. So what have this week consisted off? Not much, mostly reading. And further reading.

I have been reading a little bit of everything. I have been reading International Organizations which is course literature in the course I am taking, actually really interesting. Which is good since I am doing this course voluntarily and then you need something that is interesting.

Otherwise I am reading David Rothkopf's book Superclass: hur den nya globala makteliten styr världen (Superclass - The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making), that I bought at the book sale. I realized when started reading that it connects with the course which makes it more interesting.

Other books I bought at the book sale are:
Chuck Klosterman - Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story
Anders Rydell, Sam Sundberg - Piraterna (a book about the Pirate Party and Pirate Bay)
Muhammad Yunus - De fattigas bankir (Banker to the Poor)
Carolina Gynning - Ego Woman
Andreas Carlsson - Live to win: låtarna som skrev mitt liv (biography, about his career as a music producer and song writer)

Lately I have been all about non-fiction which can be seen by the books I bought. I am all about biographies and true stories these days. Something you actually can connect with the real world.

In a little more than one week I think I read three books, I just kept reading and finished one book in perhaps two days. Carolina Gynning's second book was not that good, not as interesting as her first book.
The book about 'the Pirates' was really interesting, it tells you the story how file sharing came about and the whole technological development. How Pirate Bay started, the trial, and the rise of the Pirate Party. Also about the movie and music industry how they in centuries have tried to stop private copying.
And last, the book about Andreas Carlsson and his impressive career as a music producer and songwriter. It is really fascinating when reading about his life, all people he have met and what he has accomplished. It is truly inspiring.

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