Wednesday, March 24, 2010

interview number two

It is set, I have a job interview next week. My first interview. That phone interview a while back almost does not count. Okay, I am going to count it because then I can say that this will be my second interview which sounds better than it being my first interview.

Now there are jobs out there that actually are interesting. In fall and a bit into the new year I felt that there was not much out there that was appealing. Now I read job ads and there are several that I find interesting.

The only issue, I do not want to live in Sweden really. Even though, I have only applied for jobs in Sweden. I guess my own uncertainty has part in that. I do not know what I want to work with and it does not really matter where I end up. This gives a huge arena for job searching since the two questions 'what' and 'where' have the answers anything and anywhere respectively. One has to start somewhere and I guess the most logical is to start with the searching in Stockholm. That is what I have ended up doing.

We will see where it leads me.

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