Friday, March 26, 2010

snoozer number one

Not many hours of sleep tonight. The night owl shut the lights at 1 am and actually managed to fall asleep quite fast. Only 3 ½ hours later my alarm rang. However, I did not wake up from it even though it rang twice and I managed to snooze it twice. I woke up when dad came checking if I was awake. Good thing he did that. But after that I was wide awake, it is funny when you have something important to do and it does not matter how little sleep you got, you are still not tired. Well, until later the same day perhaps. I am sure the sleep will catch me eventually. I tried desperately to get some sleep on the flight but no such luck.

Now I am at A's place and just had some breakfast. The sun is shining and it is really nice and warm. Well, relatively warm. Especially when comparing with Stockholm since we still have snow. I almost had too much clothes on and had to open the shirts and jacket. I think this weather should come to Stockholm now. Please?

Right now my eye lids are feeling heavy. A nap perhaps?

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