Sunday, March 21, 2010

a day in the snow storm

Mom and me did actually venture out into the snow storm today to go to the movies. We also squeezed in a trip to IKEA and bought a few small things. We damned ourselves for not going to the movies on Saturday as we planned at first, when the sun was shining and the snow was melting. But no, we pushed it up a day and fought our way through the snow and wind.

As the snow storm was not enough for our unlucky choice of day. We realize on our way to Uppsala that the Swedish championship final of bandy is playing in central Uppsala. How are we ever going to find a parking slot? We manage in the end, but have to walk a bit to the movies in the snow storm. More than once we thought about going home but since we had already bought the movie tickets online we had to give it a go.

So to conclude, try to avoid driving into a city where there is a championship final playing. Try to avoid going to the movies in the snow storm, especially when you are going by car. Try to avoid venture out at all when there is a snow storm. But the good things is that I made some small finds at IKEA and that the movie Shutter Island was good. Of course not as good as the book, which they almost never are, but it was a really good try. You should really read the book if you get the chance, I usually figure out the ending but with this book I never did. It is an ending you will not expect. That is why I love it.

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