Tuesday, March 23, 2010

interview prospect

I had a missed call from an unknown when I left sister's hair saloon. (Yeah, I have got a new hair color from my very own hair stylist.) I did not really reflect on it and the thought that it could be regarding a job did not enter my mind since I have not sent out many applications lately.

Tonight I checked my email and it was one in particular that caught my attention since it was not from all of those job sites that I am receiving daily mails from. It was an email from Mr. Hultin saying he had tried to call me but could not get hold of me and I should call him whenever it suited. The subject of the email was 'interview'.

The interesting thing is that I have barely sent out any job applications, but yesterday I sent out four and it is regarding one of those jobs he is contacting me.

It is a job as a market analyst and I had to go back and read what the job was all about again since I could not remember exactly. It actually seems quite interesting. Contact the day after I sent out an application, that is what I am talking about, incredibly fast response.

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