Monday, March 8, 2010

student again

I have been good today and doing some studying. I am taking an online course at Dalarna University to keep myself occupied. So far it is really interesting, it is a course called International Organizations and it is kind of implied what it deals with. This course basically follows a course I took in Singapore called Globalization of World Politics, which dealt with international relations explained by theories such as realism, liberalism etc. Now those theories are instead applied to international organizations and it also deals with international institutional law.
It is really interesting and keeping me quite busy now since I missed some work when I was sick. Thankfully I can make up for an online seminar I missed. I also realized in the beginning that it is a full time course for these five weeks. So have to see how much time can be spent on job searching. But when I catch up what I have missed I think I can split the time a bit more.

So I am a student again. But not like in the good old days unfortunately. There is not much of a student life here.

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