Thursday, March 25, 2010

exam done, now copenhagen

The home exam is done already. When necessary I seem to be able to gather enough discipline. Or perhaps it was the topic that I was interested in knew a lot about that made it go smoothly. I ended up with a paper titled 'The entertainment industry against the file-sharers', a topic I find interesting and I recent read the book about piracy and The Pirate Bay. I have already sent it in so now there is no return.

So now I actually have time for packing and to get some sleep tonight. I even have time to relax a bit. And paint my nails of course.

I am really looking forward to this long weekend in Copenhagen. I love visiting new places, but it is also a bit comforting visiting a city that you know so well. You know where everything is and how to get around. I am becoming nostalgic. Remembering the good old days.

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