Friday, November 14, 2008

graduation weekend

It has finally come. The weekend we have all been waiting for. Four years of studies have led us to this weekend. First a reunion lunch at school with all the graduates and teachers. Then the ball in the evening with everybody dressed to the teeth. My dress is still hanging on my door, it was for sure a good piece of motivation. Now I can wear the dress without any problem, feels good to have gotten rid of those extra kilos.

It will be cool to have the ball at Stora Hotellet since it is a very beautiful hotel. Even better is that many of us will be staying there for the night. Always so much fun to spend a night at a hotel. And what about hotel breakfast, fantastic.

Sunday is the day of the official graduation wearing the special gowns. I have no idea what it actually contains or what we have to do. But I am sure it will be fun.

Definitely a weekend to remember.

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