Friday, November 14, 2008

back to school

I went to work on Monday. But after a few hours I had to go home since I could not focus and felt totally dizzy. Walking out of the office I just wanted to go straight home and did not feel like taking the bus and metro. So I took a cab. What a luxury, felt quite good. It was worth it.

I also stayed home on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I was fit for work again. Still sneezy and coughing but getting better and better. The week then of course went by fast. Now it is finally Friday and I am watching Idol. But should be packing.

Tomorrow at 6.36 am I will be on my way to Jönköping again. For my graduation! Yeay. Really looking forward to see everybody again. And of course to the ball and being dressed up in my evening gown. Hopefully I will be able to breath okay during the night since it is quite fitted. But no pain no gain.

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