Tuesday, November 18, 2008

keep it simple

Today at work I was asked by my director (my manager's boss) to have an opinion. To have an opinion about the administration costs.

At first I was like: huh? An opinion about something I barely know something about? I tried to postpone it since I did not really figure out what he wanted. But of course I had to deal with it eventually. After a while I realized that I do actually know something about it, and if I do not then I know from who I should get the knowledge. I did some simple presentation. Then of course I thought that it was too simple and I started working on something better.

My director stopped by and saw the simple presentation, we discussed it and he said it was just what he needed. So simple was good. Why do I always have to complicate things? I always seem to think people expect something much more fancy than they actually do. It might be just me who expects more from me. It is time I learn how to keep it simple. Stop overdoing things.

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