Wednesday, November 26, 2008

dublin baby!

On Friday we have takeoff. To Dublin. So will have a shorter week since I am taking the day off on Friday. Will be really nice to get away. Especially to some place new. I am already dreaming of the next place to visit. But first things first, I am going to Dublin. Most comments I get is concerning Guinness and whiskey. I do not like either of them. Although I believe I might have to try a Guinness anyway. Feels like I cannot go to Dublin without drinking one.

Taking a flight on Friday morning and meeting up with J, flying from Stockholm, at the airport in Dublin. Then we will meet up with the girls working in Dublin at the moment. Will be nice to see all of the girls again. I need my dosage of girlfriends since I do not get any of that here in Copenhagen.

Really looking forward to Dublin.

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