Sunday, November 23, 2008

not according to plan

Saturday did not really turn out as planned. I think Jose Gonzales was scheduled to play at around 10 pm and before that there was some other performances and it all started at 7 pm. We headed out there right before 8 pm and was a little bit concerned walking there when we meet a lot of people walking the opposite direction. When finally arriving we see a couple of hundred people standing waiting outside on the steps. The line is not moving at all, nobody is being let inside. So we both feel like it will not happen that we will get in, and standing there waiting for forever in the cold weather. My toes had already started to become ice cubes.

Then we heard from a guy that it is basically 'one out, one in'. Which means that it would take forever and might not be let in at all. With all those people in front of us. And all of those already inside, who will leave before the main event of Jose Gonzales to let so many people in? It is not happening. An easy decision and we left for a pub instead. Into the warmth having some red wine. The evening still turned out ok.

My friend said that how many people can there be in Copenhagen that want to spend their Saturday night listening to a singer-songwriter. Many apparently.

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