Monday, November 3, 2008

partying with 1 200 collegues

Saturday was the time of the APM Cup with the big party after. We, the accounting girls, signed up with a team for the soccer tournament of the company. We just wanted to do it for fun, no guys that would take it all seriously and was in it to win. And of course to get sponsored to go to the party in the evening. No hidden agenda at all.

The bad thing was that we were scheduled to play at 8.50 am on Saturday morning. When I think about it, it was kind of good since there were not many players in the hall at that time. No people to see us suck in other words. Unfortunately we lost one player one minute into the first game. Not good. I thought I would become the next when this guy made me trip and feel right on my knee. But I could fortunately keep on playing. We fought well but lost all the games, but it was all against guys.

After 15 minutes of game time we were out and headed to the mall for some shopping. We were tired so soon after we went to one of the girls apartment for some Polish lunch. Then I headed home for some rest and getting ready for the party. Some crazy night I must say. I went back to my friends place for a pre-party with a game and of course wine. The party continued at Bella Center with dinner and more wine. It was a huge place full of people, 1 200 people in total. That is what I call a company party. It was a great party with good food, free drinks, and nice music. Of course with all that free alchohol everybody had a good time. And my collegues got to see that non-working personality of mine. And today I got to relive it since we all got to see the pictures from the night. Haha...

My Sunday was not a good day. Long time since I was hangover. Even at work today everybody was tired and quiet. We could have needed one more day of weekend to recover.

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