Saturday, November 8, 2008


These days being sick I have been watched the last seasons of Gilmore Girls. Of course with a series you get hooked and just have to look at the episodes, one after the other. Sometimes until it is so late that you cannot even believe it.

So I have basically watched the series all days long, since I do not really had energy for something else. Living and breathing Gilmore Girls. It is kind of fascinating how you can get into a series when watching it all day long. I have followed the show on TV but when being abroad I have missed some episodes and especially the last five.

But now it is over. The last episode has been watched. And I must say I was quite disappointed. It basically ended in a way you thought, but still I did not like it. Also the seventh and last season was not written by the initial writer so that probably plays a large roll. It is really sad when a series you have followed all these years just ends this way.

But it is time to let it go and move on with my own life I guess.

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