Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, only for one day but still. Tomorrow morning I am off to Dublin for a nice little weekend. The last two days was quite busy in to the last minutes. Some things had to be done before this months book close and since I am not there tomorrow it had to be done today. Especially this task today was really annoying, all these unmatched postings had to be moved from one account to another. One by one. Only moving one posting took quite some time. During each reposting I had to go to the printer to pick up a paper. Quite annoying. But, I was efficient and fast since I wanted to take my 4 o'clock day today as well. I made it. Well well.

Then I went shopping. Not at all because I got my salary today. A nice pair of Cheap Monday jeans was bought. But it is not nice that they cost 400 DKK when they cost 400 SEK in Sweden. With 1 DKK being 1.38 SEK it is not nice at all. But it is good for all Swedes transfering their salaries to Sweden, they get quite a raise.

Now I am off to bed to at least get a few hours of sleep before I need to wake up again. So see you later alligator. When I am back I can put another country on my list.

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