Saturday, September 5, 2009


In beginning of the summer I got totally addicted to the, new to me, show Greek. I basically watched the first two series in days. I could not stay away, it was truly an addiction and I almost felt like running home as fast as I could from work to watch another episode. (Yeah I know I have issues. Trying to theraputize myself it might have had something to do with my unhappy state and just wanting to disappear into someone else's (fake)life.)

I got so caught up in the series since I was watching it all the time. (And kind of got a small crush on one of the guys but lets not dig deeper into that. As said, I have issues.) I was just waiting for the day the season three would have its premiere.

And on Monday 31st (my birthday, it is a sign!) it happened. The episode is airing and I am watching it (although not live since I do not live in US...). Then I have to wait a whole week for the second episode. And then another week for the third. Life is hard, no?

Please imagine a teenager being a bit love struck. Not a 25 year old living with her parents with no life.

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