Monday, April 19, 2010

cancelling my flights

Went to Arlanda airport again today. Today I got the number 488 and the board showed 397, no fewer people in waiting this time. However, it took almost the same time as last Thursday since all the numbers ahead of me where actually there waiting and not many had left.

After waiting for about two hours the only thing they could help me with was the cancellation of the flights. Not any refund. For a refund I had to contact the company through which I booked the ticket. That sucked. Reading all the information in the news and websites I got the understanding that I in first place should contact the airline. But no. Now I have contact BudJet through which I made the booking and we will see how long it takes until I will get my money back.

I also called Kingfisher Airlines to see if I could get a refund. They were really helpful, I think all Indians in service centers of some kind are always so polite and helpful. To my surprise I actually will recieve money back, I thought that it would be money down the drain. I have to pay some cancellation fees, but I think I will get around 1500 SEK back out of the 2000 SEK I paid in the first place. Nice Indians giving me the money back.

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