Wednesday, April 14, 2010

getting ready

Yesterday I did several preparations for the India trip and it continues today as well. Yesterday I went to sister to get a hair cut, always nicer when going to a hot and humid country to have short hair so now I have. I also picked up some necessary stuff from the pharmacy, sunscreen and medicines for eventual stomach problems. Better to be prepared.

Today I started looking through my wardrobe for appropriate clothes for India. I have been reading a bit and the best attire is not short shorts/skirt or a tight top showing off the shoulders. I actually found one dress that covers the shoulders and the knees, a dress I actually like too.

Of course we are going to be stared at either way, but I want to feel comfortable and not showing too much at least when we are in the city. But with 35 degrees celcius that will feels like 40-45 I wish I could wear shorts and a loose top showing my shoulders since I probably will be sweating. We will have to see how it is when we are there. At least when we are in Goa it seems to be more relax so that is good.

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