Friday, April 9, 2010

this post apparently became an ode to tea

When I was in Stockholm today I passed a store selling tea. I love buying loose teas, when you can smell all the lovely teas and pic just the perfect one that smells delicious. You do not randomly have to buy a plastic wrapped box judged by its name or cover, that you hope smells good when you come home and open it. Here in the store you can smell at dussins and pick the right one.

I only have to smell one or two until I find one I like. Of course I would feel silly if I asked the clerk to smell one tea jar after the other until the whole wall of tea jars have been smelled at. However, the advantage if you actually dare to ask would be that you do not overlook one that might be the perfect match. I am sure there are plenty of flavors out there just waiting to be tried by me.

Anyway, I am babbling. Or scrabbling might be a more appropriate choice of word. What I wanted to scrabble down in the first place before all these words written down into nonsense sentences: I bought two lovely smelling teas, I wanted some nice green teas so I ended up with one spicy and one fruity with litchi and elderflower (how delicious does not that sound?). I just remembered those teas in the plastic bag downstairs and thought it would taste good with a hot cup of tea after watching movies in my bed.

I open both the tea bags to smell the aroma again and imagining that I will have difficulties to choose. I was wrong. Not difficult at all. I ended up with no cup of tea.

My cold have made me lose my sense of smell and taste. In approximately four hours give or take.

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