Friday, April 9, 2010

the ministry of foreign affairs next?

'After rain comes sunshine' to use a cliché. Arbetsförmedlingen (employment service) sent an invitation a week ago that actually seemed interesting so it was no deal breaker that it was mandatory. This year the government have introduced a project to offer trainee positions in the public sector for unemployed. This meeting was for us with academic background in economics, political science, law or a few more. We could get the opportunity to get a trainee position at Regeringskansliet (the Government Offices of Sweden).

It is only for three months and I will only get about 4 600 SEK before tax since I am not part of the unemployment benefit scheme. Even so, I am more happy about this opportunity than the prospect I had of a full time job as a market analyst at that finance company. This is just right up my alley.

Of course it might not lead to a job within Regeringskansliet right after, but it would still be a great opportunity and experience. The best thing is that they have around 100 spots and the 90 persons invited to the meeting are basically the only ones subject to these trainee positions. They do not want the competition for the positions like for normal jobs, instead they strive for one applicant for one position. How good deal is that? I am basically granted a spot. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but with my background should I not be perfect to work there?

My number one preference is of course to get a position within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That would be excellent. I am crossing my fingers that they are not going to be so strict with the preference of a third language. My French is not so fluent. Although a position in another department would be cool too.

But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That is the number one.

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