Friday, April 2, 2010

good friday

Yesterday and today kind of sucked. I was not feeling my best yesterday, kind of a dizzy head and a body all tired. But I managed to make it to the Indian embassy to hand in the papers for the visa. Even though I thoroughly checked through everything I managed to forget the copy of the flight reservation. Thank god they had computers there and I could print out a copy, for the lovely sum of 50 SEK. So I had to pay the visa fee, plus the computer fee, and a round trip ticket to Stockholm for 100 SEK. She said the visa process is only 2-4 working days now when it is slow season, good thing since it otherwise is 10 days and I will be leaving in 10 days.

Otherwise I am just resting and lying in my bed watching series and stuff. Trying not to become sick once again, but I think it has almost passed now. Just some short thing it seems.

Mom and dad headed out yesterday to my aunt's cottage up north. Sister is out doing something. So it is just me and the cat at home this Good Friday. Chilling.

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