Thursday, April 15, 2010

no india. for now...

The flight got officially canceled soon after I wrote the last post. After dinner I decided to go to Arlanda and talk to the Lufthansa people to rebook my flight. I came in to the departure hall at terminal 5 and it is fairly empty except of the crowd in front of the SAS desk (Star Alliance including Lufthansa). I take a number and get 339. I look up at the board to see that the number just called out is 885. Great. It has to reach 999 and start over again at 1 to eventually get to my number.

I am not giving in that easy, and I do not even know how fast they are at the counter. After only one hour already 300 numbers have passed so it goes by fast. Many people have already left so ten numbers can easily go by without anyone claiming that number. Afterwards I wondered why I did not claim one of those numbers since they did not even check your ticket number.

Anyway, after a while a SAS employee stopped to say that they were closing in one hour, disregarding how many numbers where left. Great, I still had quite many numbers to go and I felt I was just one the edge to make it or not. Fifteen minutes left and 60 numbers until my number - I am thinking I am screwed, but still crossing my fingers. Then, 10 and 15 numbers pass by without any claimers. A few minutes before closing it is 335 and no one claims it or the ones up to 339. My turn. In the end they were nice to take all of us sill there waiting, there were only two left when I walked away from there. They did a nice job there at the desk with everybody.

Anywho, I got a rebooking. I knew there is only one flight leaving to Chennai from Frankfurt everyday and I was hoping to get on the one for Saturday. No such luck, fully booked. There went my only chance to be part of the wedding. I got a seat for Sunday. At least the flight seemed to have several seats left so hopefully the Copenhagen gang can get three of the remaining.

It is sad, the main reason why I was going to India in the first place was the wedding and now I have no chance for that. But what to do? Not much really. Natural disasters happen and there is nothing you can do about them. I just have to hope that the airports will be up and running by Sunday and that I will be on that flight. Then I still have 10 days to enjoy in India and have the chance to catch the Tuesday flight we booked for Goa.

That was my evening.

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