Monday, April 5, 2010

easter saturday

We had a little different easter dinner this year. I am not someone who strongly follow tradition, so our menu consisted of cannelloni for main course and marängsviss for dessert. The marängsviss, the typical dessert from when you where young, it is made up of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, banana slices, meringues, and chocolate sauces which we switched for nougat sauce instead, yummy!

A little bit of Apple Cosmo as a appetizer.

Delicious cannelloni.

Really happy with how the cannelloni turned out. Just filled pasta tubes pasta with ricotta cheese, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, some herbs like oregano, thyme or whatever you have got at home. Then just pour some cheese sauce on top (we bought ready made) and then crushed tomatoes spiced with basil and salt on top of it all. And some salad to that. A dish I will for sure try again.

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