Tuesday, April 27, 2010

one step closer to the internship

Two weeks ago I sent in my CV for the internship at Regeringskansliet (the Government Offices of Sweden) that I went to a meeting to hear about. Last week I finally got the call I had been waiting for. A woman called and wanted to have a meeting with me regarding an internship at the Foreign Ministry of Affairs. I think it is just to meet me and see who I am and perhaps give some information, I do not think it is even an interview. The word she used was 'meeting' and as they explained before, it is not like a normal procedure for applying to jobs.

Anyway, on Thursday I will be heading in to Stockholm to meet this woman for a meeting. Hopefully I will start my internship as soon as possible. Really looking forward to it.

Although, I am not looking forward to all the commuting. Approximately one hour in one direction. I also have to figure out how to actually get to the train station from home since I do not have a car on my own, but hopefully we will figure it out. Hopefully I can also stay at some friends' places a night now and then.


  1. just get a room once you´re interning since you get some money for it, right?

    all the best from wiesbaden,

    p.s. you can still visit me near frankfurt until 14 may (ryanair!!)

  2. I just get a little money and it might cover a room somewhere, but then there's living expenses too. At home I dont have to pay for that really :) like food and all. But I'll see what I do :).

    If I get the internship then I dont have any vacation. But I'll keep it in mind :) perhaps over a weekend.