Sunday, April 18, 2010

my date with drew

I did get some warmth today, by taking a dip in our bathing barrel. We defied the weather, it was dark outside, wind and rain coming and going. But it was nice to sit in 38dc warm water and just enjoy. Zipping on an apple and elderflower cider.

Then I laid in my bed figuring out what movie to watch (on Voddler), I was just looking through the movies and came across the movie My Date With Drew. There were several comments to the movie on the site and they all wrote that they became so happy and positive when seeing the movie. I can do nothing but agree, the movie made me laugh and smile until the end.

It is about Brian who decides to make a documentary about trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore in 30 days. I really liked the movie and definitely got me in a good mood. I needed that after this last few days.

So, you need cheering up? Watch My Date With Drew.

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