Friday, April 16, 2010

i want company to india

Frustrated with the others. My travel companions. I am not hoping to get out on Saturday, I know that the flight to Chennai in India from Frankfurt is fully booked on Saturday and that is why I got a seat on the Sunday flight. They still want to take a chance to get on a flight to India on Saturday, problematic since I got the information that Lufthansa does not allow re-booking to other airlines.

I have acknowledged that there is no possibility that I will have a chance taking part of the wedding ceremony. They have not. I am a bit worried since I have a ticket for Sunday and they have so far made no big effort to get a re-booking and by now I fear that the Sunday flight is fully booked as well.

I still have my hopes in K since she said that she might even consider buying a new one way ticket. She really wants to get away and with the vacation days she already have taken out. I really hope that I will have someone to accompany me to India. 

The most annoying part is that they barely give me any information on what they are doing and planning. It is like they are forgetting I am in the group. Well, I got my ticket so I do not have to worry. If just K get a ticket as well, then I do not have to worry.

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