Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Went to sister's hair salon today, SACHAJUAN where she is a Junior Stylist a.k.a. trainee. (Book her!) It is perfect with your own stylist that can cut and color your hair to family discount prices. I decided that it was time for something new and wanted to get back to a bit lighter hair color now when the summer is around the corner (or something). Today was the first time ever to bleach my hair and now I am the lightest I have ever been. Not really 'blond' blond at least not compared to sis, but definitely fairer than before.

First time ever to bleach and of course I am all carrot top.
Time for some color.

My hairdresser and me. I feel blond but is no way near sister's color.

The new hair color. Nice for the summer.


  1. stop it or i will hit on you next time we see us! :P

    greetz from bavaria

  2. hahahaha

    you could try but it wouldnt work, i know you too well :P