Wednesday, May 19, 2010

swedish trade council

The third day of work have passed. Well, not much work these days, I got a bunch of papers from the intern that I have started to look through to get an idea what they actually are talking about during the meetings. Some of it is quite interesting, although I could probably have ended up in a more exciting department. The department I am in is called Planeringstaben and is about planning and administration of the whole Foreign Ministry, both home and abroad.

Still, today was a great day even though I did not do much. I tagged along with the other intern to a visit at the Swedish Trade Council in Stockholm where they presented what they are doing and all kinds of interesting information. Now I really want to work at the Trade Council even more, but like everybody else I guess. At least I got the contact information of the two, so I have someone to harass for a job.

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