Tuesday, May 25, 2010

not down that road

I happened to see that you can apply to the Maersk trainee program. I also entered the website to check out the job listings. There is actually an opening to Center Finance at Maersk Line and I recognized the contact person in the ad as he was a colleague of mine and he has become a manager. I guess they have started to hire some people again now, there was several openings at Maersk in Copenhagen.

Of course I would have an advantage if I would apply, either to a normal job or to the MIFP (trainee program, previously MISE), since I am already in the system and have worked there. You remember I got fired last summer? Or I guess laid off is the more correct term to use. I did not mind really and had the best summer I have ever had, 'vacation' in Copenhagen during summer with salary.

Maersk salary check. Those were nice.

It would be an easy way out of this unemployment and I have friends there, but I do not know if I even want to go down that road again. I am not even sure if I want to apply just to give it a try, since I am concerned what my decision would be if I was given another chance. I do not think I want another chance at Maersk.

Or is it just my bad (really bad?) memory that is clouding my view. But that time I did not listen to my gut feeling and see where it took me. I promised myself to listen to my gut a little bit more in the future. But still...

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