Sunday, May 23, 2010


The weather switches from one day to another. It is like you could get sick from the temperature changes of 20 degrees. That is why I took advantage of the sun yesterday and just lied outside in my bikini enjoying the sun. Because I knew the gray, rainy weather was about to march in. And so it did today, crappy rainy weather destroying the days.

Even so, I decide to fight it and headed into Stockholm to go to a museum with sister. Fotografiska just opened on Thursday and have exhibitions of photos of different photographers. Since both me and my sister and interested in photography I convinced her to go with me. Well, it was not really that difficult since I offered to pay.

Fotografiska, museum in Stockholm.

It was a really nice exhibition where Lennart Nilsson and Annie Leibovitz being the main ones. Lennart Nilsson famous for taking photos of what was until then seen as unphotographable, human embryos at different weeks during a pregnancy. And Annie Leibovitz, a portrait photographer known for many famous celebrity magazine covers. This one of Nicole Kidman was one of my favorites. It was a nice exhibition that I really can recommend. If I had to pick one bad thing, I wished it had been more photos from Annie Leibovitz professional career, more of the magazine covers and shoots. But still, go and see it if you are in Stockholm.

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