Friday, May 21, 2010


Another reason to the lazy day at work yesterday, I went with S (the other intern) to a questioning at the Riksdag. It was also my first time in the Riksdag, security people everywhere because of the questioning open to the general public.

The members of the Riksdag can ask questions to certain ministers that are attending the questioning. So now I have seen one of the ministers of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ewa Björling who is the Minister for Trade. I liked her, she seemed very sympathetic and gave good answers. At least for the few short minutes we heard her speak. Since the ones asking the questions and the ones answering are only allowed one minute at a time. At least it does not get boring, on the other hand I wished some of the ministers had more time so I could hear them develop their line of reasoning a bit more. Then there was of course those ministers you wished had less than a minute to speak...

Now I am just hoping that there will be a couple more questionings so I get a chance to hear Carl Bildt, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Gunilla Carlsson, the Minister for Development Cooperation. That would be all of the ministers at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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